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Welcome to Natra-Pet

We are more than a pet food...We are a solution!

We are Natra-Pet, an Australian business who provides a solution and prevention for the skin and health issues that plague our dogs and cats. 

Natra-Pet Formulas are a natural and organic, alkalizing pet product that offers a solution to skin and health issues, eliminates ‘doggy’ odour, and provides natural flea resistance all in one. Our preservative free and unprocessed formulas are made by us, and simple to use; Just add water. 

Built on a solid foundation of 30+ years of research we have grown alongside the philosophy that a natural wholesome diet is the key to a healthy, happy pet. Maintenance Formulas, Specialty Formulas and Pet Care Products from Body Wash to Herbal Wormer here at Natra-Pet we strive to provide a full range of quality, natural and organic alternatives for your dog or cat.

Say "Good-Bye" to your pets' skin and ear problems, fleas, arthritis and that dreaded 'Doggy' odour. Revel in the days of having a healthy, happy pet with a dense rich coat to match. Around Australia pets are flourishing as they move away from commercial and processed pet food and pet care products to become the healthy family members they deserve to be... they become


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  • Skin Issues & Toxin Exposure Skin related health issues can be the result of an overload of toxins within the body. Your pets' filter system (the kidneys and liver) is not only trying to maintain its natural processes but also trying to eliminate the...

Caring for your pets naturally

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  • I fed my GSD a vet recommended and expensive dry dog food for the first 6 years of his life. Toby suffered from diarrhea and skin irritations during this time...Read more>>>

    Leonie & Toby, QLD  - 04 Mar 2013
  • Phobee - our Lab was having a lot of skin issues. Although we had her on a Low Allergy Dry food she had not improved. Since we have been using the Natra-Pet Formula... Read more>>>

    Happy Customer & Phobee - South Brisbane
  • Twelve months ago our 9 and a half year old Great Dane Mastiff cross Zarah was very unwell. She had a fatty liver..... Read more>>>

    Lisa, Brisbane QLD  - 09 Jul 2013
  • Jack had a very strong doggy body odour, and his excrement was very smelly. He was highly excitable – something that I put down to the nature of the breed. We started Jack on Natra- Pet and within days...Read more>>>

    Teresa & Jack

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